“It’s not how much we
give, but how much love
we put into giving.”
– Mother Teresa

1999 Young Adult Caring Award Winner

Emily Douglas

Powell, Ohio
United States

Emily's grandmother always taught her that it was her responsibility to reach out and help children less fortunate than herself. When her grandmother died in 1991, Emily created "Grandma's Gifts" in her honor. Grandma's Gifts provides food, clothing, books, toys, and educational experiences to children of Appalachian Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Emily has put in over 3,500 hours, and has negotiated the support of seventeen corporations through in-kind donations, grants, purchase discounts, and donation of goods and services. To date, $115,650.00 in goods and services has been provided, directly impacting the lives of 18,577 children. Last Christmas, Emily put together a Christmas for an Appalachian family with 10 children in a matter of days. In 1996, she was an honoree of the Prudential Spirit of Community Award program, and in 1997, she was invited by General Colin Powell to attend the Presidents' Summit for America's Future. She was also recognized as one of Oprah's Young Angels.

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